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Submitted on
December 2, 2012


Right well first things first.
Due to Internet Explorer crashing on me the second I open it, and do anything at all with it, I have updated to Google Chrome and so has Tsukiko too. Now then unless I can find a way around the problem that means your folders will no longer be organised numerically.

So if anyone can let us know how to solve it, we would be greatly thankful.

Well now arguably the most important reason for this journal entry- a critique.

TheFS' The Fallen Star: Chapter 1ONE
The faint glow of the moon and of the stars shone over the Woodlands of Liaport. Shadows crept between the huddling trees that rose and fell with the rugged land; small clifftops, rising crests and sunken valleys were remnants of the Valkar Mountains many leagues to the north.
Darkness shrouded the damp, soil floor, giving the shrieks and howls of lurking creatures full reign over the otherwise silent night. The never-ending fight for survival battled on through the woodland groves and raging rapids of the River Owk. Liaport was ancient. And so were the animals that lived there.
The already freezing wind sent a sudden chill through the wood. Unseen hands ravaged treetops and snatched away the withering leaves of the toughest of trees. The Triali season, the coldest season of the year, was quickly approaching and it wouldn’t be long before the forest was buried beneath a deep layer of ice and snow.
One tree, however, blossomed in the depths of the woodlands and was thri

Please be generous in your feedback and lets hope to get a decent system in place.

Yours ShadowsOfAVorlon - Founder of Story-Corner
And TsukikoCyberGoth - Co-founder of Story-Corner
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