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Submitted on
November 9, 2012


Well as it says it is Story-Corner's 2 month birthday today! And we have even more reasons to celebrate, we received our 100th member today too!
It's all fun and party over here today, so if you fancy joining in on the party then let everyone on dA know, and lets see if we can get even more members to join us.

And lastly we have a critique to join in The Time That Is - Chapter 2You can find a link to chapter 1 in the description, for succeeding chapters, go here - The Time That Is Folder . Thanks for reading.
{NOTE: In this chapter we gain an insight into the warrior classes and ranks, they are as follows –
1. Commandant – Class-I warrior and a high-ranked officer, who is given leadership in all major missions. Team size under a commandant's authority may range from five to twenty-five members. All teams of greater than five members are to necessarily include a Commandant. [ko-mun-dant; it's an English word and you should know it]
2. Dhassol – Class-II warrior and low-ranked officer, who is given leadership in all minor missions and scouting trips. Team size under a Dhassol's authority may vary from four to ten members. All teams of greater than three m

Let the author know what you think, because it could be you we're doing this for next, and everyone deserves feedback :)

Yours a truly happy and partyful
ShadowsOfAVorlon- Founder of Story-Corner
And TsukikoCyberGoth- Co-founder of Story-Corner
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